Short Term Needs

The short term needs for Future Hope Ministries are pretty basic & not things most of us need to worry about.

I read a quote recently that said,

“Someone is praying for the things you take for granted”


In Uganda, there are no safety nets.

There is no government agency to provide orphaned or abandoned children with food or shelter. 

There’s no foster program to take in thousands of street children.

Free school does not exist. 

Medical care is a luxury.

Survival… enough for today… must be enough.

Our immediate needs are to provide the basic necessities for the children under our care.

  They need safe shelter

Many were previously on the streets or living in the slums of Kampala. 

Safety is something they have never experienced.

Food… every day!!  (And preferably more than once a day.)

Medical care



Without an education we are only keeping them alive long enough to put them back out on the streets.  Sounds harsh, but its true.  An education is their only hope to have a future that’s different from their past. 

In everything we do we desire to express the Love of Jesus by being His hands and feet to provide those basic needs. 

We also have Ugandan bead necklaces, bags, sandals and other products for sale.  Please contact us for more information about the products or how to schedule a party to share the products and ministry with your friends.

Most importantly, please pray for the children of Uganda and those around the world who need our help.

Long Term Dreams

We would love to be able to purchase land and develop a community that loves well and prepares our children to become Kingdom living and serving believers.


Our dream is to buy enough acreage to start building a God honoring, holistic, self-sustaining community.

We hope to grow crops and raise livestock.  In doing so, we can offset some of the costs of feeding a community of kids and allow us to be more self-sufficient. 

We will also use it to teach nutrition to kids and skills to help them become self-sustaining adults and good parents. 

We will work towards developing entrepreneurial projects that will create both skills in our kids and markets in which to use them.

As we move along this path there will be lots of projects with which we will need help… 

construction needs,

water collection and purification. 

Animal husbandry,



entrepreneurial expertise.